Another summer outfit ready!

This year is being particularly difficult for me being away. It is only my second year in the UK and although I really like to be in here it doesn’t mean that I don’t miss what and who stayed back in Portugal, so I am really looking forward for the summer holidays and so are the girls. They talk about them every single day and even started to make a pile of things they want to take, but they still have a long time to wait …

While we don’t go and the girls are in school I am preparing the outfits 😉 This time I made them another set of practical clothes, good to play, jump and have great fun.

For the tees I used the trop-top pattern by Ivanne S. and for the shorts the Flexi-shorts by Tadah Patterns.

I had already made one version of the trop-top, but this time wanted to try it using knits, so I made the version A, in size 6 with size 4 for width using a very soft cotton from Art Gallery Fabrics for the front and a plain white cotton for the back. I only bought 1 meter of this fabric and regret it, because I like it so much. Both, colours and texture, are great!


Somethings I really like in this pattern are the finishing options that allows to reach a garment with perfect finishes.




For the shorts I needed something that would look good with almost everything, so I used a fabric that I already used several times before, chambray (not very original, I know, but needed). The pattern offer several options of length, hem finishing and waistband, thus I chose the high paper bag waist and elastic bubble style hem in size 5.




One thing that definitely doesn’t help is the weather. I know always the same thing and I should expect it, after all this is the UK weather, but last year was not like this and cold in June is a bit too much for me. Only last week the roses from our garden bloomed as well as the lavender with its incredible fragrance and even though it is a bit cold we took advantage of a few minutes with sun and went outside to see the new flowers 🙂



Wish you a great week 🙂