The Rushbrook Pattern Tour

Have you been following the Rushbrook Pattern Tour? Today is my turn to share what I’ve made. 😊

Laura’s patterns aren’t new to me, so it was no surprise to confirm that it was another great pattern. The Rushbrook is available as a dress or as a top, with a button placket and several options, like a placket ruffle, flutter sleeves and hem ruffle, from sizes 12 months to 12 years.

I decided to make the dress option for M, as I knew she would like the racer back and I was right, she was very happy with her new dress. The pattern recommends to choose the size according to the child’s height and chest measurements and although M is a size 5 (chest), I opted to make a size 6 with the length of a size 7 plus 1cm, that corresponds to her height. The pattern even includes instructions to adjust sizes, if needed.


As you are aware of my love for ruffles, I had to include some, so I opted for the ruffle placket and flutter sleeves and I like how it worked with these fabrics.


The finishing in this dress is spotless, you could, almost, wear it inside out. The instructions include French seams, bias binding and hem facing (optional). How lovely does this hem looks?!


The main fabric used for this dress is from here, bought some time ago already and was intended for me. I don’t know if it’s correct to call it a double gauze, but if not, is very similar. It’s organic cotton, light and soft and I really like the colour… but I used it for M… Well, I do like how it looks and how it worked, just like I had imagined it would, so I really don’t mind. Also, it gives me a great excuse to buy more, right? For the placket and flutter sleeves I’ve used a swiss dot cotton.


This pattern is great to add some details, even if the details are not visible, like the hem or bias biding, where I’ve used a Liberty print or the upper pocket piece, where I’ve used the “wrong side” of the fabric.


Although this pattern is perfect for summer, I’m sure it will work just as fine during Autumn with a tee underneath and a cardigan.


The construction of the dress went smoothly, everything matched perfectly and the instructions are great and very detailed. I particularly liked that all the preparation steps were at the beginning, so that when the sewing actually took place it was a breeze. Also, there is something that might not look very important for some, but if you are like me, it will save you some time. That’s the information, in each page, with the right side/wrong side of fabric.


Thank you so much Laura, for having me on the Tour and in such great company. Don’t forget to check this ladies’ posts as I’m sure there will be plenty inspiration.

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I’ve got a new blouse!

I don’t know when ruffles will stop being a trend, so for the time being, I will happily continue to add some new ruffled clothes to my wardrobe. 😊 To be fairly honest, trendy or not, ruffles always made part of my wardrobe and as long as I still like them, they will continue to be. I am just taking advantage of the moment.

The last blouse I’ve made was the Bloomsbury blouse by Nina Lee. For obvious reasons, this pattern immediately caught my attention, but when first released the smallest size available was a size 8, which is too big for me. Even though, I bought the pattern wiling to learn to adjust a pattern. Fortunately, it was not necessary, as it became available starting from size 6 to 20.


The collar and sleeve ruffles are optional and there are two options for the yoke ruffle. I made the narrower ruffle as I was already having the neck and sleeve and thought it would be a bit too much.


The blouse closes at the back, with buttons from top to bottom, a detail that I like. The details, like the sleeve ruffle are what I like the most about this blouse.


The fabric I used is a very light weight swiss dot in a soft pink (that looks almost white) bought a long time ago from TraeTela.

This is not exactly a fast project, as you can imagine, all the gathering takes its time. I started this blouse before summer, but meanwhile it got too hot and I put it aside. Finally, I finished it in time for autumn and I’m glad I did. 😊

Last February, I made another blouse with a ruffled neck, but never managed to take some pictures. Finally, I took some and although they’re not brilliant I think you can see the blouse. The pattern is the Blouse Dahlia by Dessine moi un Patron, it is available in paper and in French only but I did not have any issue while making the blouse.


It has a looser fit than the Bloomsbury and less ruffles. 😉 The fabric I used is a lovely cotton lawn from Atelier Brunette.



Hope you’re not too tired of all the ruffles, as I think there will be some more.

The Ana Tee

I usually sew a more classic style for my girls, but the truth is, my girls ask me more each day to sew them tees. Either because it’s a style they recently started to like to wear more or because they need them for their after-school activities, the tees are getting a lot more use around here.

I suppose this is something that happened with most people who sew, but since I started sewing, I became more demanding with the quality of the clothes I buy and tees often disappoint me. Most times the fit just isn’t right!

For that reason, I was looking for a girl’s pattern, when Susana, from Suco by Susana, had a call for a pattern test and today was the Ana Tee and Dress release.


The pattern is available from age 12 months to 14 years and offers 3 sleeve options. Besides the tee, are also two dress options, so actually you have many options to choose from.


For F I made a long sleeve tee in size 8 for height with 6 for width. I must add that, although the tee is fitted, this version was made during test and the final version has a bit more ease in the tummy area. 😉


The fabric I used is an Art Gallery bought almost 3 years ago from here and for the neckband I used an organic rib from here.


As usual in Susana’s patterns, everything matches perfectly, the instructions are clear and the pattern is available in Portuguese and English. Also, until next Saturday, you can get your pattern with a promotional price. 😉

Summer Sewing for the girls

Last post I shared a few things I made for myself and now it’s time to share what I’ve made for the girls, before start sharing Autumn makes.

I know that, regarding the girls’ wardrobe, things will get a lot more use around here, if there are matching outfits. That doesn’t mean two pieces of the same, but using the same fabric for a different pattern, or the other way around. As I didn’t have much time left, I thought some skirts would be easy, fast and would get a lot of wear, so I made two skirts for F, matching a couple of M’s dresses.

I used the Jolie skirt by Fille a Maman, that I’ve used before and knew it would be perfect for what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I don’t have good pictures, actually this is the only kind of decent one I got! But I used the same fabrics as M’s pinafore, with the seersucker as main fabric and the broderie anglaise for the waistband. For the other skirt, I used chambray as main and Liberty for the waistband (sorry for the lack of pictures!).


I also wanted to make a skirt for M, to match F’s Marlow dress, so I used the same pique fabric to make a Sadie skirt, a pattern by Jilly Atlanta. I’ve used this pattern so many times already!


Now, what I really enjoyed making and especially see the girls wearing, was the Macy pinafore, also by Jilly Atlanta. This time I opted for the pinafore version with flutters.


The fabric I used is a chambray from Merchants and Mills that looks good with almost everything and is great for transition weather paired with a cardi.


No need to say that the part I liked the most are the flutters, right? Don’t they look adorable?)


These got a lot of wear this summer!


I know you’re used to seeing two of my makes, one for each twin, but this time I made something slightly different. I made three of the same garment! I made one pinafore for each of my girls and a matching one for my niece. They looked so adorable matching!


Now I’ve finished sharing summer clothes 😉 Have a wonderful autumn!

Summer Sewing for Myself

This year I haven’t sewn much for Summer and I must confess, that later, I slightly regretted it. But, it is what it is and there’s not much I can do now, except sharing with you the few things that I actually made.

As I was going to spend the Summer in hot, sunny Portugal (already miss it…) I needed light tops and the Ogden Cami by True Bias seemed just what I was looking for. Indeed, as it turned out, it was just perfect!

The first top, I made using a beautiful viscose crepe from Atelier Brunette that I bought from Maçãs d’Amor. It is a pleasure to wear and so much easier to work with than I expected! I really expect to wear it during Autumn with a cardigan and a scarf.


I made both tops in size 0, without modifications. This one you probably saw already with my Sandbridge skirt. Perfect combo for summer, if you ask me! 😉


The second Ogden Cami I made using a dreamy Les Fleurs rayon from Cotton and Steel that I got from here, already over one year ago! It has been patiently waiting for the right project and I absolutely love it!


To go with this top, I also made a Dolores skirt from the Magazine La Maison Victor, that finally is available in the UK and in English! It took me some time to try this skirt length, just because I am not tall, but I really got into it now and enjoy wearing it.


Another top I made was the Alize by Atelier Scammit. How could I ignore these lovely ruffles?

I made the top in size 34, according to my chest measurements and once again, I used a viscose crepe from Atelier Brunette, also from Maçãs d’Amor.


It was my first time tring a Atelier Scammit pattern and I must say I really liked the fit. It’s fitted where it needs to be but loose which make it so comfortable yet stylish. I should have made a few more…


Now that I’ve shared my Summer sewing it is time to start my Autumn projects. 😊

Summer Waterfall Raglan for me

It has been a long time since I shared something in here and this post is long overdue. This top was made a long time ago and it’s about time I share it.

The pattern is the Woman’s Waterfall Raglan by Chalk and Notch. I’ve made this pattern so many times for me, for the girls and even one for my sister and one for my niece, so I know this pattern well, but I didn’t have one with short sleeve for summer, so I had to fix that situation.

Like the previous time, I made a size 0 but this time with a short sleeve.


This top was my third project for the Sew Crafty Design Team and I didn’t have many doubts (if any at all) about the fabric I wanted to use. The fabric is a Dashwood Paper Meadow Dots Cotton Jersey and is so soft! A pleasure to work with and to wear.


The part of this post that took me longer was the photos… I was pretty fast sewing it up and wearing but taking photos was another business. In the end F took all the photos, so I need to thank her. I think she is getting the hang of it! 😉

I’ve got a new skirt!

It has been years since I used a skirt. Not that I don’t like them, but it’s really hard to find one that fits me nicely, so I gave up. Until now that is!

Today Adrianna from Hey June Handmade released her new pattern, the Sandbridge skirt, a casual skirt available in two lengths, five pockets, zipper fly and belt loops. As you see, a real skirt!


The skirt is available from sizes 2 to 22 and I’ve made a size 2, based on my natural waist and hips measurements, the ones that are most important in this pattern.

I opted for view A because I am not tall, so I knew it wouldn’t be as short as it is intended to and I will wear it during the holidays, which is just perfect.


The instructions, as usual, are so clear and helpful. This was the first time I ever installed a zipper fly and I didn’t felt difficulties. If you feel put aside from making the skirt for being difficult, don’t. Not only the instructions are very helpful but there is also a sew along starting next week.


I absolutely love the fit of this skirt! The back yoke makes the skirt fit nicely and this one It fits me like any other store bought did.

The hem is meant to be raw but in case you prefer a hem, just need to add the correspondent length. I chose it raw and just add two parallel lines of stitches to keep it from fraying too much.


The fabric is a light denim that I bought long ago and already used before. The only thing missing are the rivets, that I found hard to find.


I know I said it before, but I am really pleased with how it turned out. It is a great feeling to challenge myself and achieve something that always put me way.


Have a wonderful summer. 😊