New Striped Tees for The Girls

I love striped tees, particularly navy blue and white and especially this time of the year, when the weather gets better (occasionally it happens!) and we can enjoy more the seaside.


I usually start by talking about the pattern I used, but this time I must start talking about the fabric. As soon as I saw the fabric at The Sweet Mercerie I had to get some. The stripes and colours were perfect for what I had in mind. I also had the patterns already and when we planned this day by the seaside I didn’t wasted my chance to make these tops.


The pattern I used is the Lunch Box Tee from Oliver + S. I’ve used this pattern before and I knew that I would have to add some length to obtain the look I was after. So, I made size 6 for both girls, but added 8cm to F’s tee and 6cm to M’s. Apart from adding some length I didn’t made any other change.



I am very pleased with how the tees turned out and I know I might be partial here, but I think the girls look really cute in them. Also, I think the fabric and pattern worked well together.


The fabric is a very soft cotton/modal blend and apart from having to match the stripes it was good to work with. Having to match the stripes is an extra work while making the garment but it’s so nice to wear.


When I bought the fabric I also bought some to make something for myself. 😉

The fabric is the same kind and the pattern is the Bento Tee by Liesl + Co. that I had for some time now and really wanted to try. I made a size XS with ¾ sleeves.


I know this will not last long and soon they won’t think it’s cool wearing matching clothes with mum, but for this once it was fun. 😊


A New Blouse for Me

You know those type of projects you have on your mind for so long but, life keeps happening that it takes so long until you actually make it? This was one of those! Luckily, this one, did came to life, because a lot of them never do!


I’ve always loved ruffles and this year they are trendy so, I’m making the most of it. I was trying to find a pattern with ruffled sleeves or one that I could easily modify when, it crossed my mind that, the only Japanese Sewing Book for women that I own, could have something that could help me. And indeed, it did!


I used the pattern B from the Book “Stylish Dress Book” and changed, the sleeves, only slightly. The only thing I’ve changed to the original was not adding the seam allowance to the hem and eliminate the elastic.


Although this is such an easy project, without closures of any kind or complicated steps, it doesn’t mean it went smoothly. I made such silly mistakes… all for not paying enough attention. I didn’t read the pattern piece where it said to add some width, so I had to cut new ones. And see that cute pleat at the back?


Yes, it was not intended, it was another mistake. There were two lines for two different patterns and I choose the wrong line, so I ended up a back piece a few inches wider that it was meant to be. So, a pleat it was!


The fabric was bought over a year ago at Bolo de Pano, for one of those projects that never happened, but it was handy for this one, as it was the exact kind of fabric I wanted for this project.


Other than my “accidents”, I’m really happy that I made the blouse even before it gets out of trend.

Have a wonderful week!

The Key Largo Top

Today, Adrianna from Hey June released a new pattern and, as usual, does not disappoint. You know those patterns that go well with everything and you want to make one in each colour? The Key Largo Top pattern is one of those!


The Key Largo Top is a woven tee available in sizes 2 to 22, with different options, including a trendy tie front hem and front pieces cut on bias. It is also a great pattern to play with fabric prints.


For the test, I’ve made view B, in size 2, according to my high bust measurement. Although, view B is meant to be cut on bias and I have, in fact, cut two front pieces, I did not cut it on bias. This was only due to the print of my fabric, as I thought it would look weird. I did cut, however, the two pieces because I really like the front seam, although I know I would have avoided the print matching.


As usual the instructions are clear and helpful and pattern pieces match perfectly. It is also a fast sewing project, so this is truly a great pattern.


The fabric I used is a cotton lawn from Atelier Brunette, that is so nice to work and wear.


You can get the pattern on sale through the weekend. 😉

Summer skirts for the girls

A couple of years ago I made skirts for the girls from the Japanese sewing book “Sew Chic Kids” and they loved them. They are a bit short now but they still want to wear them, so I thought new ones would be very welcome and I was right!


The pattern is the Tired Skirt (p) in size 4 for M and 6 for F. I find this pattern a bit long for my personal preference and that is the reason I’m using a smaller size than the recommended for their height.


As soon as I saw the Dashwood Confetti collection at Sew Crafty Shop I knew it would be perfect for these skirts and I really like how they turned out. For F, I used the Flower Seed


and for M the Flower Ball. Although the prints are different, I like how well they match.


I know the girls will be wearing the skirts a lot 😊

The Willamette Shirt

Now that Me Made May is in full swing and I am organising my wardrobe for warmer days, new summer shirts are very welcome, especially ones with a good fit and that you can use for a more casual look as well as for a dressy one. The Willamette shirt is Hey June’s new pattern and definitely covers these requirements!


The Willamette shirt it’s a boxy dolman popover shirt with three views, cap sleeves or cuffs and optional front pockets, available in sizes 2 to 22. For the test I made version B, cap sleeve, without pockets in size 2, according to my chest measurements.


Although, I was very tempted in making version A using a fabric with a good drape, as I think it will look lovely, I end up using Chambray (from here) that gives this shirt a boxier look but I actually like it and I know it will get a lot of use. For the bottom part I used a broderie anglaise for a summery look.


For a shirt, this pattern is a fast sewing, the construction is actually quite easy and the instructions, as usual, are really good, so you end up with a very good looking shirt without being complicated at all! 😊 As I’ve mentioned before about Hey June’s patterns, Adrianna is careful with how the garments look not only outside, but also inside. This one is no exception and there are French seams inside this shirt. 😉


Have a great weekend! 😊

The Juliette Dress

I’ve been following and admiring Suzanne’s work since I started sewing and for quite some time Jill’s work too. So, when they decided to work together to make a pattern it could only be really good! From this collaboration, the Juliette Dress and Top was created!

I was really pleased when Jill asked if I would like to be part of the tour as I absolutely love this pattern! How could I not, right?


The pattern can be made as a dress or top and offers 4 sleeve options in sizes 12 months to 10 years. For those who follow me for some time, it must be clear that my favourite part is the collar. 😉 The collar has two options and there is also a Peter Pan option available at the Sewpony FB group that looks adorable.


My initial intension was to make sleeveless dresses or tops, with the Summer holidays already in mind, but the girls were very peremptory about their options! Both said they wanted dresses with sleeves! Fine, so be it! Truth to be said, they will be wearing these dresses a lot more. I keep thinking about the holidays but we live in the UK and sleeveless dresses don’t get that much wear without a cardigan! I might have the perfect excuse to make more 😉


The dresses are in size 6 for M and size 7 for F, both with ¾ sleeves, made with a Liberty fine cord, from here, bought last summer. It is perfect for this weather and the bright colours make it perfect for Spring.


I haven’t made any changes and only added a trim to the collar. The fabric, probably would have worked just fine for the collar, but I was afraid it would be too thick, so I used a plain white cotton and the trim just added a pop of colour. Also, was the perfect way not to make both dresses exactly the same!



The Juliette Dress and Top is a simple and fast sew, without zippers or buttonholes, which makes it a perfect project for a beginner, nevertheless, the result is beautiful inside and out.


You can get the pattern from Sewpony with 10% off until 2nd June with code DRESSEDINSEWPONY. Also, if you haven’t heard about it you should go and check the amazing sewing contest Suzanne organised. The prizes are wonderful!


Don’t forget to check all the creations made by these talented ladies.


Thank you so much for having me Suzanne and Jill! 😊


The Farrah Blouse and Dress

The Farrah Blouse and Dress, released this week, is Chalk and Notch’s most recent pattern that I had the pleasure to be part of the test.


This pattern has two views, view A, has ruffled sleeves and view B a front ruffle. Both views have side slit, high-low hem and can be made as blouse or dress.


This pattern is available from size 0 to 18. I made the blouse, view A, in size 0, according to my bust and high bust measurements.


Although the recommended fabric is one with a better drape, I really wanted to try it with this shirting fabric. The fabric choice plays a big role in the what it will look like and this is how I wanted it to look, with visible ruffles. I’m loving that this season ruffles are a trend and am making the most of it. 😉 I’ve also made another Farrah blouse using a fabric with much better drape and love how it looks, just need to take photos!


The instructions, as usual in Gabriela’s patterns are very clear and helpful and the pattern pieces’ match perfectly. There are also instructions to adjust height and for a Full Bust Adjustment if necessary.


I don’t think I need to mention that my favourite part of this pattern are the ruffles, right? 😉 Just in case the sleeve ruffles are not enough, I added a tiny one in broderie anglaise trim. Couldn’t help myself! Both pattern and fabric were demanded it!


The Farrah is a beautiful and feminine pattern and depending on the fabric chosen it is very versatile and I really want to make a dress version as well.

For now, and until April 17th, you can get the pattern with 25% off full price at UpCraft Club, since last Monday and since today, also at Chalk and Notch.