Wild deep-sea!!

This time we decided to go explore the wild life in deep-sea for the Kid’s Clothes Week 😉 The sea and its wildlife are part of our family and for that reason I really wanted to make something related with it. For some time we had (my husband really) a reef aquarium (not small!) and we like to scuba dive, even the girls love the seaside and love visiting aquariums, so I just had to do something related with it.

When I think of the sea, the colour that first come to my mind is, obviously, the blue but also the bright colours of the fishes and corals (of course this is not the case here in UK!! 😉 ) and this is why I decided to make the dress in blue and add some red in the buttons. Ok, I confess, this is also one of my favourite colours combo for summer 🙂

The pattern used is the Lotta Dress from Compagnie M in size 5 and although I had this pattern since last year only now managed to finally make it. It offers 2 sleeve options, 3 options to close the bodice at the back and 3 pocket options and the one I made has cap sleeves, button placket and diagonal pockets.



Little Lady F said she likes the dress and her favourite part are the buttons!!



I really like to see Little Lady F with it






When I told her that she could wear a mask and fins for the photos she became really happy and pretended she was a mermaid 😉



Now we are ready to go explore the deep sea wild life.







Hope you enjoyed this Kid’s Clothes week as much as I did 🙂


10 thoughts on “Wild deep-sea!!

  1. Está super giro – ainda não fiz esse molde (hei-de fazer …), mas adoro o detalhe da gola e dos bolsos!!
    Adoro essa combinação de cores – resulta tão bem para o Verão 😉
    E parece que alguém se divertiu 🙂 Linda e super empenhada essa tua “sereia”.


    • Obrigada Ana Sofia 🙂 Gosto do molde e também já estava na lista para fazer desde o ano passado!! Acho que por causa da gola, este vestido tem um ar um pouco “náutico” (ou então é mesmo ideia minha 😉 ) e por isso, achei adequado ao tema.
      Divertiu-se mesmo, adorou a ideia 😉


  2. O vestido está lindooooooooooooooooooo… o tecido, a cor e o vermelho a contrastar nos detalhes. Parabéns!!! e se as fotos do post anterior estava engraçadas estas não ficam atrás! 😉


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