New nightgowns

I don’t think there is such thing as Easter Pyjamas!? Well, this is the pattern I bought to make the girls Christmas nightgowns, but they were never made until now, oops! At the time, I also bought the fabric (a flannel), lace trim, elastic… but didn’t made it, though. So I bought a lighter fabric (flannel didn’t looked appropriate for this time of the year despite not being warm outside) and gave it a go 🙂

The pattern is Simplicity 1575 view C for both girls. I decided not to wait for next Christmas because I really love this pattern and only go until size 6, which is the girls’ age already, however later I realised that I will be able to use the patter for a couple more years, apparently!

For the fabric I’ve selected a cotton lawn with pink spots for Little Lady M and duck egg spots for Little Lady F.





For Little Lady M I made a size 4 and although she is a bit taller than the high in the chart, it turned out huge on her! Against M’s will, because she wanted her nightgown to be like the ones from the princesses, I had to shorten it a couple of inches and still is really long on her.

It’s big on her slim figure but she loved it so much, she kept asking me to take more pictures of her.





Knowing already that the sizes were a bit big, for Little Lady F. I also made a size 4, although she as the high of a size 5 and still is roomy on her. Despite not being a princess kind of girl (there are a few exceptions) she liked a lot her new “pyjama dress” as she called it.



This is F’s favourite book to help her fall asleep, because just like Sam sheep, she can’t (doesn’t want) go to sleep.


It was the first time I used a Simplicity pattern and was a little afraid of the instructions I must say, but despite not giving much information on the finishing I now feel a bit more confident and decided to try it and I’m glad I did it. I made everything as told in the instructions and just added the lace trim on the neck ruffle.





Have a great weekend 🙂


14 thoughts on “New nightgowns

  1. Love it Maria João 🙂
    Por aqui as camisas de noita de princesa também são as favoritas, embora a minha filha também não seja propriamente o género “princesa”. Um dos livros preferidos dela é “The Worst Princess” (versão portuguesa, claro!) Assenta-lhe que nem uma luva 😉


    • Muito obrigada Ana Sofia 🙂
      Ahahah “The Worst Princess” é muito bom 😉 É engraçada a personalidade das crianças. A M. que é a mais “princesa” depois também é a que mais gosta de andar a correr pela rua ou dar cambalhotas na relva (coisas pouco dignas de uma princesa!).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lindas! Adoro as camisas de noite, de princesa total! A Constança mandou-em um molde com esse tipo de camisa…. so espero que seja grande como o teu para ainda conseguir fazer para o ano… 🙂


  3. Maria João, que camisas de noites apetitosas! Os tecidos são lindos (quero!!) e parecem-me ideais para o efeito. Toda a vida usei camisas de noite e tive uma parecidíssima quando tinha mais ou menos a idade das tuas filhas (era às riscas cor-de-rosa e branco e o tecido era um bocadinho grosso, e também tinha uma gola com folho. ainda me lembro de tudo, vê só!). Agora as minhas camisas de noite são sempre brancas, mas olha que fiquei com vontade de fazer uma assim às bolinhas… 🙂


    • Muito obrigada Constança 🙂 Elas gostam de camisas de dormir e adoraram esta 😉 Gostei do molde clássico e também gostei muito deste tecido com as bolinhas num tom suave.
      É engraçado como ficaste com a camisa de dormir que tiveste em criança na memória!! Espero também estar a criar boas memórias as minhas filhas.


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