New Year!!

Another year has gone by and it was not a bad one at all, I must say. It was peaceful and that is already good. Also I tried and learned new things for the first time 🙂 which was very enriching.

I started to sew, did an open water diving course and loved it and then I started the blog. I love to learn more, especially new things and in that aspect this year was very positive, especially because the things I’ve learned are not work related, but things that are pleasure to me.

Of course I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn but I am loving it 🙂

Although I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, other than make the best out of my life, I will make a couple of them this year. I also decide to make a few sewing related and those are:

  1. make more things for the girls “babies”. Truth is they keep asking me to make clothes and things for the babies and I say I will, but never did :-(;
  2. start working with knits. I see so many great creations with knits that I really need to challenge myself and at least try it;
  3. start sewing for myself. Just because I deserve it, right? 😉

So I guess that in one year from now I will come and have a look at this post to see what happened!!

Have a Fantastic 2015!!!


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