The Loveralls at the Sewing Block After Party!



By now you have, very likely, seen some amazing clothes made for the Sewing Block Party by Petit a Petit and Family. I’ve been following the Blog Tour and I must say I’ve seen wonderful things made by very talented ladies, so when Emi asked me if I would like to join I said yes. Immediately after, I got scared! The thing is the bar was too high and I didn’t had much time, but I didn’t wanted to let go the chance to use the Loveralls patterns I had bought recently. Also, the girls’ birthday is approaching fast and I wanted to make them something to wear at the party.

Therefore, I decided to make the Loveralls skirt for M.



I made a size 6 using a Liberty needlecord that M didn’t liked when I bought it! She said “No thank you! You can make something for daddy!”. Well I don’t think daddy would really appreciate it, it is not really his style, so I kept the fabric away for a few months and now used it and she loved it!😉



The only change I made (it is not even a real change) was removing the centre seams. I like the topstitching but the fabric has a busy print so, it wouldn’t be very visible. Next version will have the seams and the heart pocket at the front. The fabric is already chosen!



Also, because soon they won’t allow any more bows, I added a bow at the back. For the bow, I used a chambray that was also used for the lining, one of the pockets and the straps inside, to make some contrast.



I must say I was a bit apprehensive at first, but the instructions were very helpful and everything went smoothly. Well, that was until the jeans buttons part… for that task I had to require my husband’s help!



My girls always wore dungarees and I love to see how they look wearing them and was (un)patiently waiting for this pattern as the ones they have don’t fit them anymore. I am really pleased with how they turned out and next time I really want to make the trousers. I have the fabric already aside but I want to take my time to make them and not hurry or the result might not be the best!



If you want to get one of Petit a Petit and Family patterns, now it is a good time. You can get them 20% off until the 12th December with the code BLOCKPARTY.

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Have a wonderful weekend!🙂

New sweatshirts for the girls

I’ve been wanting to make sweatshirts made partially of woven since last year, when I started to work more with knits. These kind of sweatshirt, in my opinion is still comfortable but the woven adds a nice detail.

When I first saw the Waterfall Raglan I immediately thought of making the ruffle in woven, but because it was a test I didn’t wanted to make things differently, also I wanted to use a fabric that was not the recommended, so I waited a little more, after all, this project only was one year late for me!😉

The first one I tried was for M and I used the Waterfall Raglan from Chalk and Notch, because I knew the pattern, although I had never tried with a heavier fabric and already had a bottom ruffle.


I made a size 6, the same as before, but for the sleeves I used the size 4 long sleeve length, without the seam allowance, because I wanted the sleeve to be shorter and to add a little ruffle too.



To make the sleeve ruffle I have cut a rectangle of the woven fabric 6 cm high and one time and a half the sleeve measurements for the width and folded in half, so there it didn’t needed to be hemmed. I don’t know if this is the best method but I like how it worked.


The fabric used is a quilted knit from here and a swiss dot cotton that for being light I thought it would work well. Because the quilting knit is not very stretchy I used ribbing in the same colour as the fabric used for the ruffle.


I really like how it turned out and M says it’s like wearing a cloud! It is a bit boxy but it looks cute on her, but maybe next time I will take just a little bit of the width at the bottom, if using a heavy fabric.



Because I was making experiments, I wanted to try different patterns, so for F I used the Lunch Box tee by Oliver + S. I had never tried this pattern before so I decided to go with the size for her height, a size 6, and if needed adjust for the look pretended.



It turned out I did not made any adjustments, so I now know that when making this pattern without modifications I will have to add a few inches to the length and sleeves. Other than that, I really like the fit.



Because this pattern did not had ruffles I made the sleeve the exact same way as the previous one and for the bottom ruffle I also made the width one and a half times the sweatshirt width and also like how it worked.



The only thing I will do different next time is topstitching the sleeves because it keeps turning outside, although I like most how it looks without the topstitching!


I am really pleased with how both sweatshirts look, different styles but still matching and I would definitely make them again. I am pretty sure these will have a lot of use around here.

Chalk and Notch first anniversary and a new pattern!

It has been one year since Chalk and Notch released the first pattern and since then three more great patterns were released! I’ve tested a couple of them and I’ve made one more so I know how much effort and hard work Gabriela puts in them so that the final product is excellent!

This week was released the Waterffall Raglan, a top and dress with three sleeve lengths and an optional pocket, from sizes 12 months to 12 years.



This pattern is intended for knits and it has a very girly look with the ruffle which made it a winning for my girls. Comfortable and girly are hard to beat!



I tested size 6, for M and during the test I made her two but I couldn’t resist and already made another one that I didn’t had the opportunity to photograph yet but you can check a sneak peek at my IG account.



The one M is wearing is a top in size 6, with long sleeves and no modifications, using an Art Gallery fabric from Maçãs d’Amor that M picked herself, surprising me for not being pink! I really love this fabric both for the print and of course the quality.



When F saw her sister’s new top she asked me if I could make her one as well and so I did. For F I made a size 7, again with long sleeve and without modifications, using also an Art Gallery fabric from Maçãs d’Amor but with a different print.



I might be partial on this one, but I really love this pattern. My girls recently started to ask me for more knits, so this is perfect for me that like to see them with girly clothes and a perfect agreement for us.

During the test and after I saw so many wonderful and inspiring versions. If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend you to visit these blogs. So inspiring!🙂

Emi – Just Add Fabric | Melissa – Rebel & Malice | Brooke – Idle Sunshine | Nicky – Mix it Make it | Nelleke – gaafmachine | Sylvia – Lily & Woody | Sophie – Moineau & Petit Pois | Monica – Ma, me, mi… mo | Cassy – Pear Berry Lane | Thao – Little Cumquat | Toya – Made by Toya | Tami – Sew Sophie Lynn | Maria – Fairies, Bubbles & Co. | Indu – Kaleidothought | Julia – trendedero | Eveline – frölein till | Catherine – Mespetitstissus

 To help celebrate the first anniversary Gabriela organized a great giveaway, where you can win patterns and fabric! Perfect, right?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pyjama Dorminhoco

I am really happy to be writing this post, as today was released the first pattern made by a Portuguese designer written in Portuguese (at least that I know and have tried!)

I’ve been following Susana for some time now and was very curious when she said she would start making patterns, a while ago. Here it is, the first pattern by SUCO by Susana was released today and is a pyjama!



The pyjama dorminhoco is intended for knits, for girls and boys from ages 12 months to 12 years. I have made one for each of my girls and already have more on my table.



The pyjama is very comfortable (accordingly to my girls), not too tight or too loose and the cuffs help keeping it in place while sleeping.


For M I made size 6, without modifications using a cotton knit for the shirt from here and a cotton with some elastane for the trousers and cuffs from here.



For F I made a size 7 and the only thing I changed was the waist elastic accordingly to her measurements and used the same kind of fabric as I used for M.



The pattern is very well drafted, all the pattern pieces match impeccably and the instructions are very clear! I am really pleased with this pattern, Susana did a great job!🙂



As you can see, the pyjama is comfortable and allows movement. Yes we need that, as my girls don’t stop moving, even while sleeping!




Congratulations Susana! Can’t wait to see what you will be making next!😉

The cosiest shirt I have!

Ever since I tested the Cheyenne Tunic (around one year ago!) that I wanted to make one in flannel or brushed cotton. It took me this long, but I finally made it!

For my second project as part of the Sew Crafty Design Team I did not had any doubts. Ever since I browsed through their fabrics and spotted this brushed cotton I knew it would became a Cheyenne.

This time I made the version B, with ¾ sleeves and shirt length in size XS without modifications. I found out that I like this length for myself.



Instead of buttons I used snaps and I love how it looks, although the process of applying them was not easy through all the layers. It required some more strength, that I don’t have and using a hammer left the girls really curious!



I am really happy with how the fabric worked out for this pattern and I love the colours and how comfy it feels, perfect layered with a cardigan for the chilly weather that we are already having.


Hope you’re having a nice week and wish you a happy November!🙂

Sara’s Baby Shower

When I first started sewing, my girls were already 5 years old so, the opportunity to sew for babies doesn’t happen often and when it does I grab it!

Most likely you already know Sara from Made by Sara (I’ve mentioned her here before!) just had her 4th child, a lovely baby boy and we are here to celebrate it!

In fact, sewing for boys was a first for me! I confess it was not easy for me to choose a project as don’t have many baby patterns and even less for boys, but I enjoyed it and in the end choose something for when the baby gets a little bigger and because by then he will be moving a lot, also something comfortable but I believe, quite cute as well.🙂


I made a long sleeve tee and sweatpants so that he can be comfortable while starting to explore all around him! The tee is the Safari Raglan by Titchy Threads in size 6 months. I have made this tee for my girls before and I knew it would be perfect! The fabric I used is a super soft jersey from Nosh that I really like and believe it is perfect for babies.


For the bottom I wasn’t sure what I was going to make but then I remembered the Ottobre magazines I have and had a look. These sweatpants are from issue 6/2016, pattern number 2 in size 74cm.


The recommended fabric for the trousers is sweatshirt knit but instead I used a denim look jersey also from Nosh, that is very comfortable but stylish and worked really well.


The constructions is really quick but with a method for the waistband different from what I am used. My first thought was, I will do it as I usually do, but then I decided to try this method and I am happy I did. I made a small change anyway but love how perfect it looks also on the inside.


Hope Sara and her baby boy like what I’ve made and most of all wish all the best for the new member and, of course, for their lovely family!🙂

Don’t forget to check all the blogs that are part of Sara’s Baby Shower! I’ve seen such lovely things already.🙂

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The Tulip Dress

I have been following Eva from With Love by Eva and enjoying her work for some time now so, when she released her first pattern I was very pleased for her. Sometime after the release of the Tulip Dress, Eva asked me if I would like to take part in the tour for the English version and of course I said yes! I showed my girls both versions (top and dress) and they both said they loved it and wanted the dress!

The Tulip Top and Dress was made by Eva and Katrien and the English version was released yesterday, the same day the Blog Tour started to help celebrate it!🙂



This pattern can be made as a top or dress and has the option to close at the back with an invisible zipper or buttons.

Like I mentioned before, my girls immediately said they wanted a dress, so dress it is! For the closure at the back I used the invisible zipper option and made a size 7 for F that most likely will be used by M next summer. Meanwhile she can wear it with a cardigan and knee socks.


I love the bodice and how the two layers overlay making the lovely tulip shape and how the skirt drapes from under. For the lining I used a light cotton fabric and because there are quite a few layers is recommended not to use thick fabrics for the bodice. This dress however can be used with a shirt under for colder temperatures.


For the fabric I used a Nani Iro double gauze that I really like and had bought for me a while ago to make a dress, but the dress never came to life and I thought it would look much better as a Tulip Dress than in my shelf! I guess I was right as I love how it turned out! The piping was also bought for that same dress that never happened and F loved the idea of having a dress with some sparkling and declared it her new party dress.


I really like the bodice in this dress and how well the layers overlay!



If you are looking for some inspiration than this week will bring you loads as the line-up is amazing and the sneak peaks left me really curious.

To help celebrate the release there you can use the code HAPPYTULIP to get a 10% discount, until 9th October.