I have a new dress!

Today was released the Trevi Top & Dress, the new pattern by Hey June Handmade. I am not going to mention again how much I love Adrianna’s patterns (oops! Just did it!) because you already know and this new pattern is no exception. 😉

The Trevi Top & Dress is a trapeze top or dress for woven fabrics and love how versatile and comfortable it is. Depending on the fabric and accessories you use you can achieve different looks and it also looks great paired with a cardigan.


This pattern is available from size 2 to 22 and I made the dress version in size 2. I didn’t used it, but the pattern also includes a separate front piece with a darted full bust adjustment for cup sizes above C.


The recommended fabrics for this pattern are the lightweight with drape and I used a lightweight viscose crepe that I really like but it was not the easiest fabric to work with, probably because it is not the kind of fabric I usually work with.


The top/dress closes at the back with buttons, a feature that I really like! I like the fit of my dress but next time I will take a few centimetres, because I am not tall other than that, I will not make any changes and I am sure I will wear his dress a lot. How could I not? It’s perfect for hot Summer days in Portugal (I’m already dreaming with those days!).


I probably didn’t have to say this, but just like all the other patterns I’ve tested or used from Hay June, the instructions are clear and helpful and the pattern pieces all match perfectly.

Hope you are having a lovely week. 😊

The Polly Pinafore

After more than a month without posting on the blog, I am publishing three posts in a week! The weather is getting warmer, new patterns for Spring and Summer are being released and I must say that this year I am enjoying the new patterns a lot! Ruffles are a trend so, I get to be trendy this season. 😉

This time, I am sharing with you Diorella’s, from Bebekins, first pattern, The Polly Pinafore.


The Polly Pinafore has an adorable vintage style and is available in sizes 1 to 7 years old. With two ruffle options and two skirt width.


For M, I made a size 6 with size 3 for width, used the two ruffles, one narrower than the other, and the regular skirt. The instructions include how to blend sizes which, in my opinion, is always helpful as it is something that I have to do regularly.


The fabric used is a seersucker from The Sweet Mercerie and for the narrow ruffle I used broderie anglaise.


What I like the most in this pattern, besides the style of course, is the fit and that it has a high waist. This allows it to be worn without a tee or blouse underneath, perfect for the hot summer! Yes, the season that I am already dreaming with!


Like I mentioned before, the skirt I used, is the regular one and I think it is good enough to twirl, but if your little girl like some more twirling factor, there is also another skirt option.


You can get the pattern throughout today for $5 and if you join the Bebekins Facebook group you can get it for an exclusive price! 😉


Hove a wonderful weekend! 😊

The Marlow dress

The Marlow dress is JillyAtlanta’s new pattern. It is a classic, yet with a relaxed fit perfect for every little girl to play around in style but, comfortable!


The pattern is available in sizes 12 months to 10 years with two skirt length, two bodice, two sleeve and ruffles options along with a removable pocket.


For F, I made size 7 with vintage length with size 5 for width, short sleeve with ruffles and “V” bodice with ruffles. I love this option for “not so little girls anymore”!

Instead of using fabric to make the front ruffle, as per the instructions, I used a Broderie Anglaise trim. I used the trim with the same width of the pattern piece except the seam allowance, because I didn’t need to hem. This option is great to use lace, trims, piping or colour blocking!


Once again, all the pattern pieces matched perfectly and the instructions are clear and packed with useful tips. Also, the instructions use French seams (love it!) and in the “V” bodice, the seams are enclosed making this dress beautiful inside as well as outside! It is an easy sew and great for a beginner.


The fabric used is a cotton pique in a beautiful colour that I bought almost two years ago, in a traditional fabric shop in Coimbra, Portugal. I remember it was the end of bolt but I need to go there next summer and see if they received some more.


For today only, March 14th, it will be available for only $5!

Hope you’re having a great week! 😊

The Polina Dress

Olga, from Coffee and Thread today released a new pattern, the adorable Polina dress! I must say that it quickly become a favourite for M.


By now, you already know why it is a favourite. It has a great twirling factor! Besides the twirling factor it has two frills options as well as two ties options. If twirling is not a requirement there is also a gathered option for the skirt. 😉


The pattern is available from size 12 months to 12 years and for M, I made size 7 for height with size 5 for width. She is between sizes 6 and 7 for height but I went with size 7 because we still have to wait a few months before she will be able to wear it.


This is my tester version and since then improvements were made. I can assure you that Olga worked really hard to make the best pattern possible.


The version I’ve made is B view, with the circle frills and the circle skirt. The fabric used is an “Oxford” from The Sweet Mercerie and for the frills I used a light swiss dot fabric.


You can get the pattern on sale, until March 21st and I suggest you join the Coffee and Thread Facebook Group, if you haven’t already joined, so that way you can get an extra 10% off.

Have a wonderful week! 😊


Is it Spring yet?

It has been a long time since I last blogged! During February, I haven’t written a single post! That doesn’t mean I have been quiet, but for some reason I didn’t shared what I’ve made. I blame the weather and the lack of light to take the photos.

One (actually there are two!) of the things I’ve made was my project as part of the Sew Crafty Design Team that I am really happy to continue being part of. 😊 For this project, I used a chambray like Sevenberry Yarn Dyed Cotton in pale blue colour that worked really well and I obtained the look I was envisioning.

I made a dress for F and a blouse for M, using the same pattern, the Friday Dress by Petit a Petit and Family already with better weather in mind. I will start with the dress once I made it without changes to the pattern.

For F, I made the option B, with long sleeves and pointy collar in size 7. Can’t say exactly why, but I love shirt dresses so, I knew I had to make this option and I love how it turned out. Better yet, she loved it as well! She says it’s more “grownup-ish” and was so happy in it.




The only thing I haven’t done was using elastic in the sleeve so that she can roll the sleeves. I confess I thought that because I was using a plain fabric it could be less appealing but, to be honest I absolutely love how it looks. To add some interest to it, but also because I can’t resist adding some lace, I used a lace trim along the button placket.


The same fabric and trim was used for M so that they can match, not being dressed exactly the same.


For M I made some changes to the pattern, what is a first for me! If you follow my work for some time now, you might have realised that I don’t usually make changes to patterns, but this time I finally took the courage because I wanted this particular look.


The changes weren’t complex, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to make it, 😉 I only extended the back bodice, shortened the front bodice and used rectangles for the blouse skirt (if I can call it this way).


For the blouse, I used the mandarin collar and short sleeves also using as base the pattern in size 7.

Sorry for the amount of pictures in today’s post and I have a few more things to share, so I expect to post more regularly!

Wish you a great weekend! 😊

I’ve got a new sweater!

Yes, I’ve got a new sweater and I love it! It’s no secret that I love Hey June’s patterns. Having tested few of them, I know how much work and care Adrianna puts in every new pattern. This time is no exception!

I immediately loved the pattern when I first saw it, just what I like the most in a sweater, comfortable but stylish. No doubt a sweater is really comfy but I also like a bit of style.


The Tallinn Sweater certainly is comfortable but the cross-over bodice is such a stylish feature! The pattern is available from sizes XS to 2XL, with options for a turtleneck or cowl neck. As usual, all pattern pieces matched perfectly and the instructions are clear and helpful.


For the test, I opted for the cowl version made in size XS, based in my chest measurements, because due to the sweater design the hip measurement is not so important and I really like the fit and won’t change anything next time.


The fabric I used is a quilted knit from here that I bought last year and is very soft and warm. It might not be the best fabric if you are looking for a style, with a bit more drape, but certainly is great if you’re looking for comfort and warm, I’ve been wearing mine as much as possible!


The pattern was released today and you can grab it on sale. Next time I want to make the turtleneck version, just need to find the right fabric!

Hope you’re having a great week! 🙂

The Women’s Waterfall Raglan!

This time I’m here to share my first make of the year, for me!

Since the release of the Waterfall Raglan pattern for girls that I’ve been (in)patiently waiting the women’s version. The ones that I’ve made for the girls have been much loved and used around here and I really like this style for myself, so as soon as it was released I had to give it a go.



The pattern is available from sizes 0 to 18 and according to my chest measurements I made a size 0, with ¾ sleeve as I intend to wear it when it get warmer. Eventually it will happen!



As usual in Gabriela’s patterns, everything matches perfectly and the instructions are clear, so this top was in fact a fast sewing and in no time, I had a lovely top. The pattern, as it happened with the girls’ version, includes two neckband options, to use depending on the fabric’s stretch.


The fabric I used is a cotton jersey with broderie anglaise that I bought some time ago from The Sweet Mercerie and unfortunately, I think it’s no longer available. I was saving it and now that I’ve used it I regret not having bought more! Typical, right?


My favourite thing of this pattern is the feminine look it has, with the comfort of a tee. The bottom ruffle is lovely! Can’t wait for better weather to wear it. Meanwhile I will be making more for sure and maybe there will be some mum/daughter matching. 😉


Have a wonderful week! 🙂