Some more summer sewing for the girls

At the moment we are still on holidays, enjoying the good weather as well as friends and family’s company. :-) Nonetheless, sewing was not forgotten and I brought a couple of projects with me.

Part of our time here in Portugal is spent in the countryside and some clothes suitable to run, jump and play freely were required. I opted for the Ash Jumpsuit by Petit a Petit and Family for M.


What I like about this particular jumpsuit is the neckline and its back. M liked it as well. She is paying more attention to what she wears and about her own style. So, I knew she would like this kind of details.



For M I made size 6 without any modifications apart the waistband elastic, to which I took some centimetres as her waist is a few sizes down and she opted for the playsuit. We are having really hot weather this year, so I believe she made a wise decision.


The neckline and back of this pattern makes me think of the 60’s, so I thought a vintage style fabric would make a proper match. For that reason, I used a vintage cotton from Sew Crafty and I like how it looks. Now M has a really cute but stylish jumpsuit to play freely.



Talking about having her own style, F is also mentioning how grown up she feels and although I keep telling her to slow down I want them to have their own opinion and express themselves.

Since I made the Fishtail Kimono for myself, I wanted to make one for the girls. For now, I made one just for F and she loved it!


This time I made size M (6/7 years old) with some changes. I omitted the neckband using instead, lace that I also added to the sleeves, much to my surprise by F’s suggestion! Also, this time I didn’t used hem facing, making a rolled hem.



The fabric used a super silky crepe de chine with some really bright colours (F’s favourites!) that if I had touched before I would have kept for myself!😉 Both fabric and lace trim are from the Sew Crafty store.



Although I love them, both pattern and fabric are not my usual choices for my girls but I thought it was about time I make some clothes for my daughters with a more grownup look. I am glad I did as I like how she looks and she totally rocks it!


Hope you’re having a wonderful summer!🙂

The Tea House Dress Tour

Short after the release of the Tea House Dress pattern from Sew House Seven I was asked if I wanted to be part of this tour, organised for Nelleke and I couldn’t say no! I liked the pattern as soon as I saw it, but I thought I wouldn’t have the time to actually make it. So, the invitation was just a push to make it and I am glad I did it! I did the yoke hand stitching part already while on holidays, it was totally worth my holiday’s time!




First of all, what attracted me in the dress: I like dresses that have an accentuated waist, I believe they fit my body type the best, the V-neck and dolman sleeves are also favourites.

This photo might not be the best one but I couldn’t resist taking a picture in this street while staying in Tomar, Portugal, as I love the colours.



Beside the dress option I made, B, there is also available a top, or below the knee length and spaghetti waist threads. As for the sizes, the pattern includes sizes 0 to 20. To celebrate the tour, Sew House Seven is having a sale and you can get the pattern with 25% off, so this is a good opportunity to get a copy!😉




The option I made was the B, in size 0, without any modification other than shorten 6 cm, just because I am not tall! As for the fabric I used a Nani Iro double gauze from here that I just couldn’t resist. It was quite a treat for me, but well… I think I deserved it and for some reason I believed that this pattern and fabric matched really well.😉



Hope you are enjoying this tour and getting inspired, as for me I surely enjoyed this tour even before it started. This group of ladies is not only talented but also very supportive and fun.

Don’t forget to check the all the other posts and Nelleke’s blog to enter the giveaway, for a chance to win a pattern and fabric!😉


August 9th: Rebel and Malice/Gaafmachine/Stahlarbeit


The Everyday Blouse

The Everyday Blouse is a pattern from Rachel Pinheiro from the blog House of Pinheiro and UpCraft Club that is being released today.



The pattern includes sizes from XXS to XXL and some lovely details that make this blouse really unique, like the neckline with elastic or the exposed side zipper.



I believe the name is very adequate for this pattern as this is a blouse that can be used for different occasions just by changing the print, the kind of fabric or only the accessories.



I made a size XS without modifications and I honestly love the fit of this blouse and I can assure that Gabriela from Chalk and Notch did a great work to make this pattern of great quality. I know I’ve said before how I like Gabriela’s work and it is really the truth, I like the way she works and the effort she puts in making each pattern the best pattern possible. This one is no exception.



Besides the details mentioned before (that I really love!), this pattern has bust and elbow darts. It was the first time I made elbow darts, but it is a nice detail for a ¾ sleeve and although it is not very visible, the fit is improved. 



As soon as I saw the pattern I immediately knew which fabric I wanted to use. Just a few weeks before I had bought a laser cutted cotton fabric from here and I thought I would work well with this pattern. The thing is I love white blouses and this pattern has interesting details that makes the blouse stand out.



The instructions are clear and well written and you can get the pattern with a reduced price, so you have really good reasons to get a copy!

Have a wonderful week!🙂

The Atlanta dress

I have the feeling that my girls are growing fast and by this I don’t mean only physically! Each day their personality is stronger and they are starting to have a style of their own, being more determined about what they like and what they don’t. Recently M told me she didn’t wanted shorts made by me, she wanted RTW denim ones! I am fine with that for two reasons at least. I do not have the time to make all the clothes I would like to for the girls and for myself so, I did not made them shorts this year. I want them to wear the clothes I make for them because they like them, not because they don’t want to hurt my feelings.

After telling me about the shorts, M also said that I could make her dresses because she likes the dresses I make. So, I made her the Atlanta dress from Nun Studio.



This pattern is available from sizes 4 to 10 and I made a size 4 with the skirt lengthened to size 6 but, I should have lengthened the bodice as well!



Contrary to most French Patterns the seam allowances are included. The instructions are good and I did not had issues during the construction. I found it fast to sew as it doesn’t have any zippers or buttons.



Unsurprisingly, what attracted me the most in this dress were the sleeves and the bow at the back. The shape of the sleeves is obtained using a very curious method that is responsible for the shape and drape.



The fabric used is the same I used before for F, dotted linen from here, with Betsy Porcelain print from Liberty used for the sleeves lining.



As I mentioned before, I should have lengthened the bodice as well because, as a result, the dress didn’t had length enough to use a regular hem or would end up being already short and I want M to wear it as much as possible. For that reason I used a hem facing with the Liberty print.


I really like this dress and M loved it too! After all this dress is perfect to dance and skipping.😉

Hope you are having a great week!🙂

The Fishtail Kimono for me!

After making the Top Knot dress and romper, I really wanted to try the Fishtail Kimono, another pattern from Chalk and Notch. I really liked the style, construction and instructions of the Top Knot and for that reason I wanted even more to try the Fishtail. The only detail is that, this is a children pattern! But I really wanted to make a kimono for me and after seeing the one Marta made for her, I decided to give it a go too.


I looked at the measurements and I thought I could squeeze into the biggest size, 12. I was looking for something not too long to wear over a top for a colder day during summer so, I did not made any changes to the original.


The pattern goes from size 18/24 months to 12 years’ old and I think it would be lovely for my girls, maybe with a trim instead of the neckband!? But… sorry girls, that will have to be another time! Of course, there are patterns for kimonos in larger sizes, but I really liked the back in this one. The gathered back yoke and the dropped hem make it have such a nice drape!



The fabric was decided as soon as I saw this light crepe with some stretch, here. It was exactly what I was looking in terms of print and kind of fabric!


The only challenge I faced was with the hem, because I did not used interfacing for the facing as suggested in the instructions. Lesson learned! The interfacing would make it easier to keep the edge pressed. Other than that everything went smoothly.


Like I said, I did not made any changes to the pattern because this was what I was looking for but for a version to be used during Fall or as a beach cover I would lengthened or maybe wait until Gabriela makes a ladies version…

Hope you are having a great week!

The Top Knot Tour

Ever since I made the test version of the Top Knot I knew I had to make the romper version as well and the tour just gave me the perfect excuse.😉 I don’t think I need to say how glad I am to be among such talented ladies and trust me, you are about to see some great versions of the Top Knot!

To make the Tour even more interesting, Gabriela divided the days in themes. Loved the idea!

Top Knot Tour Schedule2 (1)

As you guessed by now I went with the theme print or trim mixing that, in my case, is print and trim.




I made the romper for F because she loves to play but doesn’t like to end up untidy or showing something she is not supposed to and she is very insistent in this regard!



Once again, I made a size 6 for height with size 4 for width and the extra work to adjust sizes is totally worth it, the fit is great! Also, the instructions to adjust between sizes are so helpful. I used to be afraid of blending sizes and mess up everything. You know pieces not matching and so on. But since I made the test version I lost that fear. I still have others!



To go with the theme print mixing, I used a dotted linen from here for main fabric and Liberty Tana Lawn in Betsy pastel for the details.



And to go with the trim part of the theme I made piping for the pockets and added a little bow at waistband at the front. I love how the Liberty fabric contrasts but at the same time some of the flowers match the colour of the main fabric.



This is how happy F feels about her new romper!🙂



Don’t forget to check the other blogs and their creations and enter the giveaway with amazing prizes! Also, there is a coupon code (tkt20) for the week of the tour (ending Friday, July 1st), so that you can get your pattern with 20% off!😉

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Isabella flutter sleeve top

In five weeks the Summer holidays start and the girls’ wardrobe is almost complete. Still there are a couple (maybe a little more!) things I want to make but other than that it’s almost ready. We can’t wait for the good weather because, so far, we almost haven’t used light clothes this year!

After making the Eloise top for M, I had to try the Isabella for F. In fact, this top was requested by her, some time ago, when she saw the one Ana Sofia made for her daughter, in my Pinterest. She even said she wanted the exact same fabric, but her luck didn’t went that far.😉




F is between sizes 6 and 8 for height but I decided to try the 6 and not size up because if it happened to be too short, M could always use it. So, I made size 6 for height with size 4 for width and I am pleased with the fit.




The pattern is not complex, the instructions are good and the details make this blouse beautiful and perfect for Summer. No need to say that the flutter sleeves are my favourite part of this pattern.




The fabric I used is Michael Miller Lattice Cotton Eyelet Aqua from here and the colour is so beautiful that I regret not having bought more! For the neck binding I used a Liberty print, as well as for the armhole facing, but that is not visible.😉




This pattern also comes with a variation for an inset ruffle, instead of the flutter sleeves, that looks adorable. Will have to try that one too, another time.

Have a lovely week!🙂